Kamis, 15 September 2011

What am I to say?

With this song in my ears, I remember the all thing that we shared and did together. What a best thing in my life!

I still don’t understand what you exactly feel to me, and also, my feeling. It’s hard for me to realize this truly called, and when I recognized it, I really still didn’t understand what its mean and how I should act in front of you. Always, I still couldn’t find any suitable words to tell you how I feel, until now and make it can’t be understood. I really didn’t know what I want from you, and also, I didn’t know what you want from me because you never tell me. Really, I don’t know what we exactly should be. Somehow I feel it’s enough for me to and tell you how about me, but in other side, I don’t want you to let it go in this way.

I thought you will find any right time to talk to me, so I could tell you about something which make me can’t sleep every night. I decided to wait because I want you to tell me if you really want to do it, not because you are under pressure. But maybe God never gives you any chance to talk to me, or you, who decide not to tell me? I don’t know; really don’t know what is in your mind. Yeah, I never can read your mind perfectly.

Argh, I don’t know what I said to you now. But really, if I could spin the time back, I would find a right time to tell you it.

Could I speak to you now? I want you to do one thing for me. I beg to you.

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